Does wearing clothes with weed on it look bad?

The short is yes, in most places in Australia clothes with weed on it could end up looking bad for you. People might think you’re a good for nothing stoner just because you have a weed leaf on your shirt.

The use of cannabis in Australia is unfortunately frowned upon with 49% opposed to it, 42% for it and 9% undecided. However according to Roy Morgan’s research on marijuana in Australia, in the past 4 years the acceptance of cannabis has gone up by 9%.

However, people would likely still judge you depending on who your with such as certain family members. If you want to stay under the radar and still display your undying affinity to cannabis, check out this cheaky shirt.


Cannabis Shirt Roman Numerals

(buy 420 in Roman Numerals)

Just tell your family it’s your favourite numbers 😂. But honestly, I think this is pretty discreet and something mainly a cannabis connoisseur would know about. I suppose it would serve you well if you still remember what the math teacher taught you in High School about Roman Numerals.

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Unwrapping Stoner Clothes – Delta 9

We’re not sure if these clothes are good enough to label as “stoner clothing”, but there may be something we’re missing. Brands often target demographics and appeal to them in different ways such as using influential personas like celebrities to encourage a demand or want for a product or service from a particular demographic.

Take the 2020 – 2021 SubWay food commercial, it features a rising young actor “Julian Dennison” who has gained a considerable amount of fans, followers and subscribers alike across his socials for his hilarious and witty persona in videos.

His background, popularity, audience and social metrics are factors to consider in launching a successful advertisement with an actor such as julian in Australia. As Julian is loved in his home country New Zealand and down under, it was an excellent choice to feature him as a rapper singing about the benefits of eating freshly made food – suggesting SubWay in Australia.

There’s also the MenuLog ad which features Snoop Dogg. If we were to make a “hunch”, the appeal was the fact Snoop is a well renowned OG & weed consumer as depicted in many of his work in music and film. Stoners get the munchies and if someone with the popularity and swag like Snoop raps about a good food service, his vast ALMOST cult like following would probably take his recommendations. Stoners can get too baked to move and they love food – so why not appeal to them with Snoop Dogg and offer an affordable food delivery service?

Entrepreneurs, producers, directors, designers, celebrities, top models and many more influential people can be employed by brands or persons to promote a product or service which can impact sales when executed successfully.

You don’t need to have a cannabis leaf on your clothes if your sporting products from companies like The cannabis clothes colours show your a Rasta follower or fan.