What’s there about us? Oh, I know. We are the peoples people. We are the voice that is unheard. We are the crew with a dream. Our vision is locked and we are focussed on the IMPORTANT matter at hand. You all know what it is, “the terms” that dictates what we can and can’t do. We all know the monster that the machine (system) created!

We’ve long lost our god given rights! (btw we’re not religious, just a figure of speech) but you know? We don’t truly own the land we live on, we’re “governed” controlled by the outdated politics and attitudes of parliament, we can’t even heal ourselves from using what MOTHER NATURE has provided us for free.

Some say corporations, religion and even the pharmaceutical companies are to blame. There’s plenty of talk about how prescription drugs are worse for you in the long run but they still sell it. Tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer but they STILL sell it – with an increasing price each year to deter smokers from the act but this is just ludicrous. The Australian government raised 17 billion dollars in 2020 alone just on tobacco sales but has it shown a reduction in tobacco consumption?

Lets not even talk about alcohol. This is a very dangerous substance if drunk in excess. Excessive consumption is proven to retard the brains neurons causing a lack of motor skills and balance¬† can make people aggressive, causes irrational thoughts & actions and can ultimately lead to death by an accident or health problems with your liver. I knew of three residents in the old caravan park I once lived at, who’s lives we’re taken by the daily and heavy consumption of alcohol. Great people but they didn’t make it past 50.

So I ask you? What is really going on?

We can’t say for sure but all we can do is light one up and bring more attention to the wondrous natural plant which is cannabis. I will say, we are pretty relaxed about marijuana in Australia and over 60% support its legalisation. We have people in prison that are serving time for growing weed for medicinal purposes. That’s totally unnatural, the legislation needs to be reformed. There’s so many severely ill people out here in Australia who can’t get access to legal medicinal cannabis either because of the lack of providers or they don’t qualify for the medical marijuana program – so they go rogue, accept the risks and grow there own.

Where does Cannabis Clothing Australia come in?

Via our super sweet selection of totally rad cannabis/stoner clothing in Australia, we hope to shine the light on a dark matter. We need to be progressive with our stance on cannabis. The pros outweigh the cons and there are various cannabinoid receptors in our brain that naturally and neurologically manifest due to the consumption of marijuana; some strains have more psychoactive properties (the stoned feeling) and some have less (the not so stoned feeling). But one things for sure, weed has never killed anyone directly and if taken under the proper supervision of a prescribing doctor, it will help more than you can believe. The research is out there, just saying.

Our End Goal

We’re going to buy an island and everyone’s coming to live with us. We’re gonna fish, forage, farm, hunt and sample various herbs for the rest of our lives. Thats just a wish. Tbh, soon enough Australia will legalise cannabis just like Uruguay. Just give it a few more years,