Buy Weed Clothes Australia

Why Choose Us?

Partnered with some of the best cannabis clothing brands online

Well, aside from our awesome marijuana attire, we are actually a CLAN of cool cats that are passionate about cannabis clothing. We are all about challenging the stigma, exaggerating the stereotypes and embracing the culture. 


That’s what’s cool about our demographic, WE can take a joke! The people we cater to aren’t the type to get upset about some of the ridiculous and inaccurate misjudgement of “weed” and “stoners” – in fact most of us find it funny.

Read more about us in the blogs.

The Mission

We’re here to provide totally sick hippie clothes + other wicked marijuana merchandise to Australians that are 420 friendly. We’re just starting out (so our stock is super limited-get in QUICK), but we are going to order more products based on the interest. 


Once we have built a more solid foundation, our prices will get cheaper and our shipping/handling times will change. We hope to order in bulk when we have enough funds acquired from our first lot of products successfully sold meaning LOWER cost and faster delivery times to you.


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